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Line 6 Variax 300 nylon string & Line 6 Variax 700 steel string acoustic guitars

Line 6 acoustic guitars

I needed a decent nylon string guitar suitable for a particular recording project and that would also not feedback when played live in a band context.

I was lucky enough to come across this Variax 300 on eBay and at a price that was worth trying. Well this guitar didn't let me down, I plugged it stright into the desk and it recorded beautifully. You can this guitar on the CarnaC album "Attention all Shipping" It also sounds great live.

I was so impressed with the nylon Variax I decided to keep my eyes out for an Variax acoustic steel string as well.

Unfortunately, these acoustic Variax's have been discontinued and no longer available.  I was very lucky to also come across this Variax 700 steel string version on eBay too.  The steel string version didn't disappoint either. They are both great live, just plug in and play.



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