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CarnaC CarnaC

CarnaC are a six piece Folk Rock band that brings many years of experience but a fresh approach to the world of folk rock featuring Bryan Causton , Penni McLaren Walker, Guido M Rincon, Kevin Neaves, Steve Collins, John Campbell Armer,

CarnaC have an album out "Attention All Shipping).

Web: www.CarnaCMusic.com
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/CarnaC-329875217205888/

Dangerous Circles Dangerous Circles
Dangerous Circles is an energetic and renowned ceilidh band featuring most of CarnaC, including Adrian Turnham (Caller), Bryan Causton (Electric & acustic mandolins, double-neck mandolin/bouzouki), Steve Collins (Midi melodeon), Guido M Rincon (electric/electro-acoustic bouzouki, electric guitars, double-neck guitar/bouzouki, acoustic nylon & 12 string guitars and bass pedals), Kevin Neaves (Drums & percussion) John Campbell Armer (Bass guitars, electric guitars).


Albion Morris
Albion Morris is one foremost morris teams in the country. Founded in 1972 when a group of exceptional young dancers and musicians left Chingford Morris. Thirty years later they are going strong fusing this ancient rite with modern electric music.
Shave the Monkey

Shave The Monkey was a six piece folk rock band that blended medieval instuments such as bagpipes and hurdy-gurdy with modern rock instruments such electric guitars, keyboards and drums. They were together for fifteen years before splitting up in 2003. The members were Fran Brody, Bryan Causton, Steve Collins, Duncan Moss, Kevin Neaves, Carolyn Sheppard and Guido.

Tom Leary

Tomis not only a great fiddler but a fine guitarist and mandolin player. He is also a great friend.

Tom is a member of Albion Morris, Feast of Fiddles, Tanna and the Hookey Band.

Ian Cutler

Ian is one of the best fiddle players in the UK, a great friend and the driving force of Slaughterhouse. He is also a member of Hot Rats, Albion Morris and Feast of Fiddles and Bully Wee.

Hot Rats
The Hot Rats are one of Kent's best folk bands. they include Doug Hudson on guitar and vocals. Ian Cutler on electric violin. Mike Peters on electric bass and vocals. Although traditionally a three piece, Dave Mattacks, Tim Edey and Guido have all been an occational players.
Colin Rees

Colin Reece is a top singer, songwriter, arranger and entertainer originally from London but now based in the South West of England in Torquay, Devon.

Along with Ian, Colin was a founder member in the Seventies of top folk/rock outfit The Bully Wee Band. Colin is also a member of Slaughterhouse.

Andy Viccars Custom Viccars Custom shop

Andy Viccars is a very talented luthier in Milton Keynes. he made my wonderful Electric Bouzouki for me over 15 years ago and it still one of my favorite instuments to play. Visit his site and see some of the other great instuments he's made.

Bartram Guitars Richard Bartram Guitars

Richard Bartram is another talented luthier who makes his wonderful instruments in Littleport near Ely. Richard made made my acoustic double-neck guitar and bouzouki nearly 20 years ago. It was, with doubt, my main work horse for many years while playing in Shave the Monkey. Richard recently updated the pickups and all the electrics and it now sounds even better than ever.

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