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Line 6 Variax 700

I bought these Variax guitars a some years ago and it was not long before becoming part of my regular gig setup. I reluctantly sold them in 2016 when I replaced them with Line 6's newer Variax JTV-59.

Variax guitars are a whole guitar collection in one guitar and the 700 not only looks great but are also really nice to play.

It has some great sounding Telecaster, Les Paul, and Rickenbacker 12 string sounds along with super accoustics and even a banjo.

I originally bought the red one in 2006 but realised that whilest I was playing in Ten Minds Wide I relied on my variax totally and would be unable to perform without it, so in 2012 bought the amber one and now I have one as a back up. But which one?

Using these guitars in conjuction with my Line 6 Pod HD 500 gives me total control of guitar sound and means for many live gigs I can have all the guitar sounds I need form one guitar.

Check them out at the Line 6 Website

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