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Vintage Gordon Giltrap
Signature Series VE2000GG-12
Vintage Gordon Giltrap Signature Series VE2000GG-12 guitar


This great guitar is a signature model in honour of the acoustic guitarist,Gorden Giltrap.

It's unusual shape is very similar to those wonderful guitars made by Rb Armstrong, which is no coincidence as the template for this guiitar was Gordon Giltrap guiter built in 1980 by Reb Armstrong.

Of all my acoustic 12 string guitars this has the best live sound whether plugged in or not.

In keeping with Giltrap's 'original' Armstrong, it's made of solid North American red cedar, with tight, ruler-straight grain, have been used for the book-matched soundboard. The back and sides are made of mahogany.

You can read more about this guitar on the JHS website.


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