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Line 6 JTV-59 James Tyler Variax Modelling Guitar Line 6 JTV-59 James Tyler Variax Modelling Guitar

This is my latest guitar which I had to buy after borrowing a friend's James Tyler Variax.

Having played one I had to buy one and so reluctantly I sold both my original Variax 700s.

Variax guitars are a whole guitar collection in one guitar and this JTV-59 is pretty looking guitar and is just a faboulous guitar to play.

The Variax 700 was a great guitar but this so much better and having a serparate knob for tunings makes it even more versitile.

It has some great sounding Telecaster, Les Paul, and Rickenbacker 12 string sounds along with super accoustics and even a banjo. I used the acoustic setting at gigs wherte there isn't room or time to set up several guitars.

Using these guitars in conjuction with my Line 6 Pod HD 500 gives me total control of guitar sound and means for many live gigs I can have all the guitar sounds I need form one guitar.

Check them out at the Line 6 Website

What with all my Line 6 guitars and my Line 6 Pod HD 500 all I need now is a Line 6 endorsement deal.


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